The Bakery

I am Painting on my acrylic painting for Easter, while enjoying the sound of rain falling out side. I feel that the rain cleanses our world as it sooth’s the heart and soul, and it puts our minds at ease as it casts our worries of the day to the side.
added 02/04/2012 13:23:19
 The Bakery is coming along well, and now it’s time to add some flowers next. In the Bakery I can see a fat Baker, an old oven and racks of fresh cakes and bread. In front of the Bakery I can see a couple of tables with patrons enjoying fresh pastries as is very common in Europe. I see the era circa 1900 in its heyday.
These pictures are progress to date on the Bakery, with this painting I have not sketched it out or laid out any plans for the final results. I am going by the vision evolving in my mind, as I go.
Starting on the windows
In my minds eye I see a candle on a table in this top window
Need some light in the back ground for these windows
Some more touching up on the candle
Candle complete I think whit lace curtains work good
Some white accent to the brown boards looks good and I like green curtains for the second floor windows
I think red flower boxes will work well, they stand out now but when flowers are added they should make a nice background for the flowers
With window frames complete with a white accent and the flower boxes aged a little and the bottom floor base color added, I think that’s it for today.

After some discussion with my favorite admirer, main art critic, confidant, soul-mate and better half,  I have decided to change the book Store to a “Cafe”. As usual a work of art usually does not end up how you envisioned it, usually the art eventually tells you what it wants to be and what works best.  Also with this one I have no plan at hand, I will just see where it takes me and what it wants to be, letting the art direct the artist. I think a Cafe will offer more opportunity to express the culture of the era and more contrast in colors.
Well that’s it for today and I hope you enjoy the pictures of the progress so far.

Present Endeavor – Easter Backdrop – Acrylics on Gorilla Board

I had the opportunity to revisit and on-going project yesterday. It’s an Easter project, a backdrop painting for my fireplace on the mantel. I am using acrylics on Gorilla board and I am trying not do my usual finely detailed artwork. I am trying to leave some to the imagination, letting the mind fill in the finer details. I thought I would share my progress so far with you.  It is too large to scan, so I have to take photo’s of it to post. As usual photo’s do not do acrylics justice, but it’s all I have.

Adding light to the room

Curtains are a must!

Framing in the top windows

Assessing next step? No real plan to go by, just thinking what will work best.

Floor added

Adding the door, I think green would look nice.

Assessing progress so far, I like the green door and cash register.

Some planter boxes in the front and another table should do.

Add some planter boxes on the top windows.

Need some flower pots on the tables.

Finishing touches on the flower pots.

Flower pots complete.

With the sidewalk added, it’s time for flowers!

Now that Brings the Flower Store to life, tomorrow the roof and final touches.

The time period I have in mind is circa 1900, I intend to add people and items of the era. 

The true challenge for me is to try not to go into very fine detail, I want to try to leave something for the imagination and mind to fill in.

Now, today I will see if I can complete the Bookstore, I work from left to right so the Book store is next!

New Year New challenges

New year New challenges at hand. I am yet on another book quest and the real challenge with this one is a new type of artwork. I am trying to master the technique of combining photography with my art.  I am trying to combine my art with photos to where one cannot distinguish one from the other and use this art for illustrations in a book I am working on. Here is an example.


I came across this while surfing the web and found it to be inspiring.

Thought you might enjoy these pictures

My newest little book “Deppy Duck”

It’s finally done and published, Deppy Duck. I have to pay a complement to Adobe  Indesign an awesome program for the artist that likes to have control of creating there own material 100%. This little book was laid out completely in Indesign and it made everything very easy for me to do. Deppy Duck completes my original goals to create 3 different types of books.

A picture book “The Mouse Under My House” a highly detailed picture book packed full of illustrations, The “Witch In The Garden” a rhyming 127 page chapter book and “Deppy Duck” a short 16 page fast rhyming story that has rhyming word association on the words muck, stuck, luck and duck.

I am now working on a highly detailed Christmas picture book and a story about about a young energetic little frog amongst other ongoing projects. You can follow this link to my website to have a look inside of a of my books and see what else I am up to. Artbyely.

I have arrived! AARP wants me!